We read to understand others, we write to understand ourselves

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    Do you ever think about what your past you would tell you now? I always thought that she would be so proud of me. But there are things that my 15 years ago me knew about life that I still need to keep reminding myself to today. What I am really good at – The […]


  • Confessions of a Ph-UK RN

    Under appreciated, burned out 95% of the time, undervalued,  disrespected, and although the hospital paid me the required minimum wage in my country, comparing to how much stress I got on a daily basis and how sometimes frustrated I was in performing hazard tasks I was not especially trained to do so (trust me you don’t wanna know what these are), it was never enough to sustain my daily physiological needs, more so not very well for my mental health. 


  • The best gifts of being single? Freedom and Solitude! It took me a journey to Land’s end to realise that.

    Blaise Pascal said, “All of humanity’s problems stem from inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” I used to blame myself for being hurt and taken advantage of, but I have learned that these people hurt me not because of who I am but because of who they are. The more I reflect alone, the more I could easily detach myself from negative situations that I encounter in my daily life. I simply learned how to CHILL!


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About Me

Hi, I’m melissa rae, an immigrant filipina nurse living in the uk

Welcome to my page! I have been living in Cambridge, UK since 2016. This is my first out of the country experience, and believe me – living in a cold, wet country (LOL! peace!) halfway around the globe from my beautiful tropical country HAS NOT BEEN EASY! Adjusting to different cultures and finding my own identity – I had been through a roller coaster ride, and I’m sure most immigrants can relate. This is where I collect my thoughts and share it to the world. I find passion in sharing useful information to people. As Derek Sivers said-“What is obvious to you is amazing to others.” Since I came here, I felt so much growth and I want to share them with you! As a nurse, I am passionate about taking care of people’s health holistically; and I am here to help my readers grow with me psychologically, physically and spiritually!

I love travelling and I value my freedom! Immersing myself in other people’s culture help me learn! It allows me to be more open minded and accepting of others. I don’t just travel for fun, I wander to gain understanding of myself and the world!

So… expect blogs about holistic health and growth through travels and everyday learnings of an immigrant filipina nurse! *wink*