Food tripping in Amsterdam? You should never miss these Dutch food!

Dutch food anyone? What else to do in Amsterdam but to try some of their famous Dutch food. Their food is pretty straightforward. Not a lot of spice in them, very simple; but that is what makes it distinct – simplicity is beauty! We were not really able to eat a lot of Dutch food when we were in Amsterdam, but let me share our faves in this trip.

1. Raw Herring

It’s the kinilaw of Netherlands. In the Philippines we have a dish called kinilaw which is cubed raw fish soaked in vinegar with a souring agent, to get rid of the slimy taste, like calamansi (small lime),tamarind, green mangoes, etc. Dutch’s version is almost like this, they also soak it in salt and vinegar, only their souring agent is pickles. They put some onions on it and you can eat it with or without bread. I honestly like our kinilaw better than raw herring but my english boyfriend really enjoyed it. It does taste very fresh! Don’t forget to put that little Netherlands flag to add to the fun!

2. Heineken Extra Vers

Image not mine, got it from google. I should’ve really taken a pic of it. It’s got its own special fridge in every store we went to.

I am not a beer type of person because i don’t like the bitter taste in it. However, when I tasted the Extra Vers (extra fresh in english), I was really surprised how much I liked it! Definitely became our favourite drink when we were in Amsterdam. The only difference with this and the normal heineken beer is the wrapper which keeps it from catching the sunlight that causes the beer to lose its flavour (just like your IV antibiotics that should not be exposed to sunlight, LOL!). Sadly, Extra Vers is only available in Netherlands for now. That’s unfortunate because it is now our couple beer! Oh well, I guess we have to go back to Amsterdam for it!

3. Cheese!

Coming from a country rich in fertile farmland that’s perfect for dairy cows, it seems quite natural that the Dutch have a visible passion for good cheese.

Don’t worry of where to get it because cheese shops are just everywhere in Amsterdam. The fun thing is they have samples for everything! They have different kinds of flavoured and coloured cheese and it was really fun to try them all. I have never ever heard of beer flavoured cheese, or pesto cheese until I came to Amsterdam. Sheesh, I thought you put cheese on your pesto pasta and not pesto in cheese! LOL! But I guess it doesn’t matter, they go well anyway.

They also have a large variety of sauce to dip your cheese in and they all taste lovely! We ended up buying a Gouda truffle flavoured slice of cheese and 2 types of sauce that we enjoyed back with wine at the rooftop of our little houseboat!

4. Stroopwafel

Image not mine, got it from google. Funny how many times we ate it and yet I never took a picture of it. It’s that goood! I enjoyed it that much and had to concentrate on eating every bit of it!

Stroopwafel is made up of 2 thin layers of waffles with caramel syrup filling which has a chewy texture. I like that it is not too sweet probably because the waffles balance the taste of the caramel syrup. Definitely great with tea, coffee or hot chocolate! When we came back to England, we bought more of them from Sainsbury’s which was never near the the best one we had-the beer flavoured stroopwafel from Heineken Experience. It is definitely a must-try! It quickly became a couple thing for us, our favourite tea partner!

5. Patat or Frites

Honestly the best fries I’ve ever had in my life! Either that or I was just super hungry from walking in the streets of Amsterdam. Nevertheless this Dutch fries was really enjoyable having large cuts, served in a cone shaped paper wrapper, with toppings and different flavours of sauce to choose from. It was the best snack while site seeing in the streets of Red Light District!

Don’t forget to give us a like and comment before you leave! Share these to your friends who are going to Amsterdam! 😉

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