Like Ariana at Ariana’s Sweetener concert in O2 London: Thank u, next!

There’s nothing sweeter than hearing one of your favourite pop star sing live! So when we heard that Ariana Grande’s doing another concert in London, my friends and I did not miss the opportunity to buy us tickets! We were all excited and giggly but I think I was the most excited one.

Of course I took the opportunity to dress up like her!

Complete with her usual look. Mind you, this is my usual look. Lol! Cat ears, cat eyes, nice defined eyebrows, highlights on the right places. Her choice of colours are also my fave ones! Natural brown colour eyeshadows, pink /nude/dark red lipsticks!

So before the show started, we took the opportunity to sit at the Amex VIP lounge. It was nice to sit and chill there while waiting for the show to start. It opens an hour earlier than when the usual gates open.

Ken and Kat with us at the Amex lounge. We’re just missing one more!

What we enjoyed most was, aside from being able to relax at the nice lounge solely for Amex card users, there was this nice backdrop for instagrammable pics before the concert!

You can see the kilig in me! 😂
House 60 reunion! 💓 missed these guys!
They were giving this outside. I think somebody was controlling all those lights from somewhere because they all lit at the same time!
Dancing to the rhythm!
The finale! The only song I took video of the whole act!
Thank u, next!

In the end, it was an exquisite experience! I wasn’t able to see her up close. But hearing her sing in person was a great experience. She sounded a little different on stage, much cuter and angelic! Whenever she runs around the stage with her little steps, it makes me giggle and laugh! 💓

What I like most about her Sweetener’s set list is that I can just relate to EVERY song! My faves were: 7 rings, needy, NASA, make up, Dangerous Woman.. oh well actually I LOVE ALL OF THEM. Lol! There is something liberating about this set list. It just shouts every modern girls life. We can be very independent, we need space, and show the world we can provide for ourselves, but at the same time, we can be needy and vulnerable and want some loving and caring by the end of the day too. Awww.. I love you ARI! You taught me love, patience and pain. Hehe… 😆

One more pose before going home! We don’t go home to the same house anymore. 😦

Well.. there you go… My pop princess! 😀 Thank u, next! LOL!

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