My 5 nights in cornwall: introduction

I need a break! I booked a 2-week annual leave for my birthday this year and was planning to go to Europe and do some soul searching. However, Covid happened! I know this year has been tough for everyone, but I felt like it was a little extra tougher for me than the people in my circle of friends, colleagues, and family. With all these lockdown, I didn’t really have much choice but to either stay in my room or render extra hours in the hospital for extra money. Well, who needs extra money? With all the things I was saving for has been cancelled (i.e. mortgage, furnitures, building a family, etc. LOL) hell no! I need more time for myself this time! This year, I am choosing me!

So I was just planning to stay in Cambridge and make the most out of it, but I was so happy when they announced that they will start to open restaurants, hotels, etc on the 4th of July. Can you believe that? It is actually on my birthday! So what can I do with this opportunity? Hmm..let’s see, July in England is summer, and what do we do in summer aside from Pimms under the sun? Of course -the sea!

If you know me well, you would know that one of my favourite place to be is on the beach. The smell of the ocean and the grounding feeling of sand on my skin is just so energising and refreshing to one’s soul (well, especially to a tropical mermaid like me). Ok, UK is probably not the best country for ocean adventures (Sorry, but coming from a tropical country with 7,107 islands with one of the most biodiversed marine life in the world, I would say that the beaches I have been here are only good for beach bumming – Change my mind! Haha!) My body is just not engineered to the cold waters here. Brrrr!!!! But hey! That’s what I need right now, me, my books and the sea.

I researched for the best beaches in the UK, and Cornwall is the place to be! With it facing the Celtic sea known for its rich fishery, it must be worth it! I have always wanted to go and this is the best time, plus I have my electric bike with me to explore it, so there, I booked my 5 nights stay in Harbour View house in St. Ives 3 days before I went there, and voila! My Cornwall adventure begins!

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