To get lost in nature is a bliss: travelling to Cornwall by train and my e-bike

I boarded the first train from Cambridge to Cornwall packed with my travel backpack, I bought 2 days before, and my lovely electric Volt bike. There was a lot of anxiety I felt before this day because this was the first time I will be travelling in a faraway land with my e-bike.

Is this a good idea? I thought while I was packing the night before.

My electric bike, though it is foldable, is quite heavy for my petite body frame, so I didn’t know how this trip would turn out for me, until I just went for it and gave it a go!

Oh it wasn’t that bad folding this bike! I just needed a bit of practice!

My first train was from Cambridge to King’s Cross, and the next was supposed to be underground train from there to Paddington. I didn’t want to carry my bike to the underground train, so I decided to travel by e-bike to Paddington station from Kings Cross. It was pretty scary at first as there could be quite a heavy traffic in London, unlike in Cambridge where everyone pretty much cycles and drivers are very mindful of cyclists.. However, Cambridge was a great training ground, and so I felt that it was not that bad to cycle around London. I enjoyed the 30- minute cycle to Paddington station!

From Paddington station, I was supposed to get off at St. Erth station to board another train to St. Ives. But guess what? I got so lost in my book “Digital minimalism.” while I was listening to my fave classicals:playlist on spotify that I did not hear the voice saying “This station is St Erth.” LOL!

Yup! Got lost in there! 😂

Ooops, too late!

The next and final destination of the GWR train I was riding was Penzance. I had to go back to St Erth! However, the next train to St Erth was almost an hour wait.

Hmmm… Let me go and see what’s in Penzance then.

I cycled and just followed the road. Ahh! I smelled the ocean for the first time again in 6 months. The last time I was by the sea, I remembered it was full of bitterness and anger. This time, it was just me, no one to impress, no one to follow around like I’m a puppy, I only have to follow my heart!

I found a spot where people were taking pictures and walking their dogs. So I brought my bike with me and I found this narrow walkway leading to the ocean! My smile was ear to ear I almost cried. THE OCEAN WAS CALLING ME! Somehow it made me miss home, but to experience this different beauty of this part of the UK, was exquisite!

This little pool in the rocks reminded me of Magpupungko beach in Siargao.

After spending a little time here, I felt slightly tired and thought of going to my accommodation as soon as possible, but the train was still 30 minutes away. I googled map my location to my accomodation (Harbour View House), and it said that it’s 55 mins away if I cycle.

Well then, what are you waiting for Melissa? You wanted adventures right?

I cycled on my way to St Ives, and I was so glad I did! Instead of sitting at the train station waiting for the next train, it was replaced with seaside cycling, nature trails, and getting a little lost on the way!

Long Rock beach in Penzance

Ahh.. getting lost in nature! What a bliss!

While I was pedalling my Volt bike on my way to St Ives, I thought, getting lost at times is not that bad.

Hmm.. my butt hurts. Stopover for a while. 😂

Lately I have been feeling lost in life, being overwhelmed of so many things with regards to my personal and professional life. I honestly do not know where I am headed sometimes. One morning I would feel like staying in Cambridge and waiting for opportunities, the next morning I would feel like moving to London where my friends and family. Like is like a cycle to places you’re unfamiliar with, you will never really know if it is the right path unless you try to navigate and see if it is the right path! Just enjoy the ride and take this opportunity to appreciate what’s on the road and not focusing too much on what lies ahead. Little bumps or big bumps are normal, you will sometimes get hurt, develop some bruises and cuts, but it should be all worth it!


  1. magiKEstate

    It is indeed good to have what some would call “Me Time”. I’d actually say that what you’re having now is “We Time”. Time for you, our Creator, and Nature. Enjoy and take care!

    Liked by 1 person

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