I met the Angel at St. Michael’s Mount, and felt God at Godrevy

St. Michael’s Mount

It was my second day in Cornwall and I had decided to check out some of the nearby places in St. Ives. Well, when I say nearby, they are at least an hour cycle from my accommodation and definitely 3 times less than that if you go by car. The nearest was St. Michael’s Mount which was a 52 minute cycle from my place.

By the way, you need to pre-book your tickets on their website. I was lucky to have slots available online when I went there because I did not know you needed to pre-book. Haha! I booked myself whilst walking towards the entrance. Also, if I have known that NHS workers were free of entrance fee, then I would’ve really booked in advanced! That time, NHS workers slot were sold ou, so I ended up buying the regular adult ticket which was £10.50.

It was raining when I went there but it was not that bad. I parked my bicycle in the car park and walked from there to St. Michael’s Mount. It was misty when I came, and the castle – though showed me a different type of charm, gave me a gloomy feeling. I walked to the walkway where there was a lot of seaweeds on the side (I was tempted to get some, but I didn’t know how to bring them back home. LOL!)

As I was walking to the entrance, I realised that tears started running down my cheeks. I didn’t know why but maybe mixed emotions of seeing the beauty of this place, the stress from the past months, and the gratefulness feeling that despite all these, I am still here, enjoying my walk and living my life!

I entered the castle, and while walking, I read the myths and legends regarding this place on their website. I learned that fishermen were sometimes lured by mermaids onto the rocks or guided to safety by angel Michael. He appeared on the western side of the island near where the entrance is. Oh well maybe that’s why I suddenly felt that strong surge of emotions a while back, he was probably there! (“Hey mermaids are actually not allowed here?” Said angel Michael to me. LOL)

It was nice to walk around the area and the castle. It was full of succulents! They even sell them outside the castle. If only I have a car, I would definitely bring some with me! It looked like a tropical castle! If only I can bring this little island in the Philippines to make it 7108 islands now. LOL!

After the walk, it made me a little peckish and so I grabbed a cuppa takeaway and a cupcake from their coffee shop. Then I sat on the grass to read my book overlooking the sea and the city, and the castle behind me! I had the seagulls as my audience waiting for me to throw them my sweet cupcake.

No hun, you can’t have it. Go and hunt for your fish in the Celtic sea!

Ahh!! What a great way to end this tour! After I read my book to my heart’s desire, I walked back to the parking to find Voltie (my e-bike –yes people, it’s got a soul now!) waiting there patiently for me for our next agenda – GODREVY!


I wanted to see some seals and was planning to do it by boat tour, but whenever I called the company in the morning, they were always not available because of the strong wind. A guy I met in St Ives who was also on a holiday, told me that there is a little beach near Godrevy that has a lot of seals hanging around.

I was feeling a bit tired after St. Michael’s Mount and the cycle ride to Godrevy is an hour, so I was still contemplating if I should go or not. Plus I wasn’t sure if the bike battery could make it as it would be another hour cycle back to St Ives. Hmm… but for the love of adventure and nature, off I went!

From St. Michael’s mount, it was 1hr 13 mins cycle

Godrevy point is considered a national trust’s location and you know if it is, then it must be worth the visit!

I cycled on that narrow road by the cliff! I couldn’t believe me that day!

There is a beach where surfers go as the waves there are just perfect for it. I was not there for that though. I was there for the site and the seals!

I turned off the bike battery and decided to walk up the hill and wheeled it with me, (yes Voltie, you carry me, I’ll carry you) I was awed with the site! It was beautiful it almost made me cry!


I stayed there for a little while to stare and appreciate how gorgeous the place was! I wanted to thank the Almighty for letting me see this part of the world. What better way to do it at the moment but with a prayer?

This spot was where I prayed. It is in a hadith that there are angels as big as the mountains, and if you pray alone in the mountains, those angels will prostrate in prayer with you. I was alone in this part of the world, but I wasn’t lonely. Angels got my back.

It was just me in the area as I arrived there at 1800. It was raining. It was perfect as I used the rain to purify myself before prayer. I searched for the Qibla on my phone app and there I found myself, prostrating and surrendering myself before God. I felt His presence as I asked for forgiveness and thanked Him for every miracle He has done in my life including this trip- just one of the many adventures I have experienced!

Mutton Cove

After that, I continued my walk towards Mutton cove where they said the seals are. I was a bit disappointed to find that there was not a single seal on the beach. Nevertheless, I sat there by the cliff to read my book instead. After 10 minutes of reading, I looked down on the beach again to rest my eyes – guess what?

Hahaha! Thank goodness for telephoto lens on my iphone, I was able to capture this. 😊

My heart was contented for the day! After enjoying watching the seals, I felt really tired and wanted to head back to my lovely accommodation. Ha! Another hour of cycling. My battery was almost done, but I found a pub on my way that let me eat and dine while I charged my battery! I realised, it was my first dine-in in a pub since lock down! I felt a bit weird. I have clearly turned into an introvert. Lol!

Ah..! My fave-scampi and chips! 💓

What a glorious day! Thank God for Godrevy!

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