Feeling Anastasia-Steele Vibes With My First Helicopter Ride

A month ago I had a death wish for my 33rd birthday and said I wanted to kill myself by jumping off of a plane. Relax guys, I’m talking about skydiving. LOL! But something (better) happened in between that time and this day that I had to move my death wish at a later time. I found someone who potentially has a similar death wish and want to do it with me. We just have a slight problem with one of the requirements, therefore dying isn’t an option for now. 😂

I was surprised to receive a voucher picture through a WhatsApp text with a message “Happy Birthday”. I laughed and giggled and blushed while I stared at the voucher. Wew! Fifty Shades Vibes? That song Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding played in my head. Well, this sure is a nice alternative to skydiving!

The place was at Redcroft Fields in Romford and I would assume that it would be a little difficult to find. You cannot find it in google maps if you just type in Redcroft Fields, but they will give you the exact post code when they send you details of the flight. This is their website: www.adventure001.com

It was a very hot summer day at 32 degrees celcius (I swear I did not expect it to be that hot in England) but is the best for flying helicopters. I never have ridden a helicopter before and thought the place would look like an airplane field with a big circle where “H” is written on it just like the one at our hospital in Cambridge. The same thing was written at the top of our building at Makati Medical Center in the Philippines. That wasn’t the case here. It was a field of wheat and some trees on the side. I started to wonder if the “H” on our helicopter area meant “Hospital” instead of “Helicopter”.  Hmmmm…

The lack of shade in this area gave me a little headache, so I noted that next time I am doing something like this, aside from bringing enough water, paracetamol/ibuprofen, I have to wear a hat and bring a handheld fan. Great thing there’s air-condition in the car! Phew!

There were some shady areas, but we had to stand in the field for briefing, I was a bit melting. I did not expect it to be feeling like that, given the fact that I am a tropical mermaid from the Philippines. We were expecting to have no delays due to the nice weather, however, the 6 seater helicopter was not available, and so they had to adjust schedules as they only have 4-seater helicopters, which sounded better to me given the fact that there will be less people in the ride.

When we arrived, we had to check in with the coordinator and be briefed of what to do when boarding. My man did not eat that morning just to make sure he would not go over beyond the maximum weight, however, we passed by the briefing area and we did not see people being weighed. There was no sign of a weighing scale either. So we ate all the food we bought from tesco before arriving at the field. That wasn’t the plan. Originally, the plan was to eat the food after the flight!

When it was our time to be briefed, we saw an old weighing scale beside the lady who was explaining things, WE SWEAR IT WAS NOT THERE BEFORE! So we were both giggling and praying that they would not use the scale, or the scale was broken. 

Our flight was delayed for 30 minutes, which was alright for me, I was just chilling anyway. They asked us if one of us wanted to be in the front for an extra £20. No one wanted it as everyone wanted to sit together with their partners. However, there should be someone to sit by the pilot,  and the 3 would sit at the back. Therefore they asked anyone to volunteer without any additional fee. My man was the best candidate to sit in front because he is 6’4” and therefore would be the most comfortable in front. There was another problem though, they wanted to know how much he weighed. We looked at each other and looked at the scale. WE WERE FREAKING OUT! LOL! What can I say, he is always a trouble. My heart was a bit tachycardic when the guy asked, “You’re definitely going to be around the max weight, are you?” My man said yes confidently. The guy explained that he could not be in front. (Yes I’m ROFLing right now as I type this!) THANK GOD he didn’t weigh him!

The guy continued to explain that he would have to sit by the window though as he would have to slouch if he would be in the middle. That means I would have to sit in the middle! But… but…. I WANTED TO BE BY THE WINDOW!!! :(( 

So after a lot of discussion and faffing around, I volunteered because I wanted the best view anyway! Voila! It did not disappoint! I could even see the view from the helicopter floor!

It was a 25 mile ride, and we flew near London, It was a stunning view of river Thames and the fields and buildings! The weather made it so much nicer! 

No, I was not sitting with my man, but we had these headsets where we can hear each other talk. Although it was a bit awkward to talk to each other because we were not the only passengers in the helicopter, the pilot was friendly and talked to me and him and it made the conversations easier. I asked some questions and he happily answered them while I was controlling myself from touching the buttons and pressing my feet on what I guessed to be the engine/gas control. Haha!

I am your co-pilot today, Melissa! 😀

We took a lot of pictures and videos and enjoyed the 20 minute ride! It landed safely back to the field where we started and I felt productive for ticking a box on my bucket list: “Ride a helicopter, Anastasia Steele style.” Yep! you know what happens afterwards! A surprisingly romantic night, and that was very similar to what I was about to experience that night after this flight! This day couldn’t get any better!

What a great birthday present! (,^^(^^,)

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