Sunset, Candlelights and Live Music: Greenwhich Park London

After that Anastasia Steele style helicopter ride and some food hunting at Westfields Stratford, I was still having a little headache. So I took some more ibuprofen with my favourite Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino and my man suggested that I snooze at the back seat of the car whilst he drove us to the next venue. I said, “This is it, this is where I die. You are definitely going to take me somewhere where you can throw me into the river to get rid of me. But oh well, it would be fun and surprising when you realise that I actually grow mermaid tail in water.” He laughed devilishly.

I asked him where he was taking me. He didn’t answer, but I heard google maps said “National Maritime Museum.” He gave me a funny look.

Hold on! I thought I heard that place before, I just couldn’t remember where I heard or read it from. Then there was a flashback in my mind where I saw an ad on facebook of an event that includes candles and live music. I asked him, but he shushed me and denied it. I laughed and went back to lie down at the backseat. I didn’t have the energy to ask more.

I closed my eyes. I never had a problem sleeping in a moving vehicle, so I quickly dozed off. When I woke up, I saw him standing at the car door and asked me if I still needed to sleep or was ready for a walk. My head was feeling a little better so I slowly sat up to fix my hair and got ready.

I found myself in a park where we grabbed some ice cream and slushie before entering a place called Greeenwhich Park. “Oh.. is this where the Greenwhich meridian line is?” I wondered.

At the end of the road, I found myself before a beautiful view of London! We sat at the foot edge of a statue where we watched the sun set slowly while we finish and fought for the tiny amount of slushie left in my cup. “Hey! Hey! That’s mine!” “NO!” 🙄

“Who gives you a helicopter ride then gives you this view?” he asked goofily. Which I found cute.

I giggled and whispered “Me.” (Slurps the last of slushie) Not sure if he heard it, but to be honest it feels extra special when someone does it for you. It’s more fun like that. Afterall…

We don’t come into a relationship to create an extraordinary experience. We come to share one with someone else.

Matthew Hussey

I asked him again what were we really there for. He pointed at the chairs at the bottom of the hill where National Maritime Museum is. He reminded me that it will be dark soon and that place will be lit by candles. I was delighted to realise that I was right when I thought that this was the live music performance show I saw on facebook.

“Do you remember when I asked you if you like hundreds of candles and live performances?” Yes I do remember, and when I saw this ad, I was going to send him the link but thought that maybe this was what he was on about anyway. I was RIGHT! My gut feeling never fails me! 😂 But more than that, I felt ecstatic of this surprise.

We went to grab some snacks and drinks (that we never ate at the show) then walked to the place. Sun was setting beautifully when they started. He bought zone A tickets where we sat on the second row in the middle, very near the performers where I could take lovely videos and pictures. When I heard them start to play music from movies and shows I love (i.e HARRY POTTER WAS FIRST ON THE LIST! How cool was that???!!!) I felt nostalgic!

Here’s one from my beloved GOT! 😍 I mean.. I felt like I was the queen of dragons again. 😂

He whispered to me that he chose this because he remembered that the music on the list were from the movies I talked to him about. Just to hear that he noted about all these made me feel that he surprisingly pays attention to details.

Cheers! Sorry for the lack of nail colour. I should’ve varnished my nails. 😂

The tickets included a glass of champagne each, but we don’t drink alcohol, so he kindly asked them to replace them with other nice non alcoholic refreshments. It was lovely!

The heart warming live musical performance with candlelights and the background of great architectural building of the University of Greenwhich, the blue and peach sky with birds flying around- felt surreal as if I was in my own movie! Uhm… I need a title please!!! *snap snap*

After the show, I felt so much closer to my man. He even offered to take pictures of me in the middle of the candlelights. Yes kilig is the word, and it ran down my spine that night. 🙈 Thank you!

Here’s the programme list which you can also find in their website.

  • Indiana Jones’ Raider’s March, John Williams
  • James Bond Theme, Monty Norman
  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’s Hushabye Mountain, Sherman & Sherman
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Medley, Klaus Badelt & Hans Zimmer
  • Harry Potter Medley, John Williams
  • Schindler’s List Theme, John Williams
  • Pink Panther Theme, Henry Mancini
  • Jurassic Park Theme, John Williams
  • Scent of a Woman’s Por Una Cabeza, Carlos Gardel
  • Peter Gunn Theme, Henry Mancini
  • Octopussy’s All Time High, John Barry
  • Cinema Paradiso Theme, Ennio Morricone
  • The Magnificent Seven Theme, Elmer Bernstein
  • Titanic’s My Heart Will Go On, James Horner & Will Jennings
  • Star Wars’ Throne Room / End Titles, John Williams
  • Edward Scissorhands’ Ice Dance, Danny Elfman
  • Game of Thrones Theme, Ramin Djawadi

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