Do you ever think about what your past you would tell you now? I always thought that she would be so proud of me. But there are things that my 15 years ago me knew about life that I still need to keep reminding myself to today. What I am really good at –

The Art of Letting Go

I was browsing though my mum’s facebook, and I found a note that I wrote in 2007. Here it goes…

One minute it was perfect then the next thing you know they’re halfway out the door. People come and go in our lives. There are people who pass by, and there are people who stay. Though some people don’t stay for long, they make a great impact in our lives. They make you feel special today, and then leave you hanging the next day. Sometimes it’s hard to let go. However, no matter how much you love them, if they want to be free then set them free. It’s heart breaking when you’re left hanging isn’t it? It feels like your life crushes down into pieces and no one’s willing to fix it with you.

Now I understand how others feel about trust. You treat it so gently only to be broken by the people you love. You try to put the pieces back, but then it gets shattered again and again and again. Then you get tired and it seems like you don’t feel anything anymore. You’re numb… catatonic… apathetic. You want to cry but you could not cry anymore because there are no more tears left to shed off. No matter how you wanted to get things back to normal, they could not and you are left with the reality that “THIS IS THE NEW NORMAL!”

However, life goes on and you have to be strong. Burn all the pictures and start afresh. Broken heart becomes stronger every time it gets hurt. That’s what I’ve learned in life. Letting go is not so bad at all. I rather consider it as an art. ‘’ Time heals all’’ as they say. It’s too late to have regrets. Just take everything as a blessing. Though they seem like they’re not, there are reasons why these things are happening to you.

When Thomas Edison was asked about how he felt when he failed hundreds of times while inventing the incandescent lamp, he said

“I did not fail. I just learned that those hundreds of ways cannot work.”

Thomas Edison

Same as any relationships in life, sometimes we think that some of them that we go through are failures; but the truth is, we learn something from each one. That is why you should not think negatively of others who have hurt you. Though sometimes you feel that you want to hate them, just let them be. Set them free! Just like Thomas Edison, you will surely soon find the right one!

Ok… that ends there. I don’t actually agree on some of the things I said in the past. But that’s ok. That’s when you know you’ve grown. I’m glad I found this note. I definitely needed it! ❤️


  1. Hi! Sorry, not best way to contact you – but only way I can find! Might you please send me a postal address for you so I can send a little thank you? 🙏🏻 You can do it through my website? 🤪 Thank you! Xx


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